Welcome! I'm Katie, and I'm not sure what to put here so ummm enjoy my lego collection I guess. For now I'm using box art, we'll see if I remember to update this with photos of the ones I have built.


6833 - Beacon Tracer

I found most of the pieces for this one in a bin of 90's legos, but it isn't complete. I'm certain it's this set because it's the only one that used the neon green windshield with that logo printed on it.

6389 - Fire Control Center

This one's complete except for a few segments of a garage door (which I just leave open to hide) and a couple of parts that I subbed with a different color. Fantastic example of classic lego city buildings and vehicle design.


6057 - Sea Serpent

I had to replace the sail on this one, but it was otherwise complete. And luckily my local used lego store had the sail! I am missing the rigging. I had it. I put it in the bin with the pieces. Now it's gone. I assume it was eaten by my cat.

6351 - Surf N' Sail Camper

A cute little camper set! The camper is complete, along with the windsurfing board clipped to the roof. I couldn't find the parts to finish the trailer and sailboat. It opens up and there are a few details inside like a bed, stove, and TV. I plan on building a small campground since I have two other RV sets to go with it.


6076 - Dark Dragon's Den

This one is mostly complete, but I'm missing the spiral staircase and a few small bricks. I haven't tried putting it together yet.


6175 - Crystal Explorer Sub

I had this one as a kid! It has the fun bendy arm parts and magnets! Mostly complete, but has at least one critical (but common) part missing that I need to pick up before I can put it together.

6339 - Shuttle Launch Pad

I love this one! It even has a crawler for transporting it to the pad. Unfortunately this one wasn't very complete and ended up as a donor set to a few of the other sets I found in the same bin that were easier to complete.


6145 - Crystal Crawler

Missing a wheel and some of the weird octogonal pieces, so I'm not building this one any time soon.

6493 - Flying Time Vessel

This one is complete. It is incredibly silly. The wings flap and the propellor spins when you drive it. The monkey has a gun. There is a storage bin full of hats from different time periods.

6545 - Search N' Rescue

Mostly complete, I had to make a few substitutions. More classic lego city vehicle design. I'd love to see an updated version of this style. This set is from the era of stickers that span multiple parts, but I was lucky and those parts were still together in the bin I found them in.

6761 - Bandit's Secret Hide-Out

This one looks like a lot of fun, but I'm missing key parts, like the train rails that the cannon rolls out on. It may be complete enough that I can make a display build of it, even if it isn't playable.

6982 - Explorien Starship

Wow! I have this one fully built. I found every part including the stickered ones. It's incredible and built mostly out of the "cool" parts that are worth getting in a fight with your siblings over when they're hogging them. When it takes off the wings and cockpit drop into a more aggressive stance.


5561 - Big Foot 4x4

I was very excited to find a Model Team set. This is mostly complete, just a few minor substitutions. The big zig-zag arrow sticker covers multiple parts, but I was able to save one of them. Steering, adjustable seats, opening doors and liftgate, and a detailed engine. Oh and chrome pieces everywhere.

6497 - Twisted Time Train

Another Time Twisters set! Just as weird as the Flying Time Vessel, but not complete enough to build.


9719 - Robotics Invention System, Version 1.0

I spent countless hours with this as a kid. My current one is a much more recent find, nearly unused. Unfortunately the RCX's microcontroller is shot, with a bad serial interface. The voltage regulator was bad too, so I suspect someone plugged a very wrong adapter into it. I need to pick up a replacement. The insulation on the wires has fallen apart as well, but there are instructions online for replacing them.


9736 - Exploration Mars

And RCX expansion set. While posting this I noticed it includes one of the pieces missing from the Crystal Explorer Sub above, so I may need to borrow it...


3801 - Ultimate Accessories

More Mindstorms sensors and the remote.

9731 - Vision Command

I've played around with writing a 64-bit Windows driver for this, but it's not ready yet. I can control the LED and get it to send blank frames.


5877 - Wedding Coach

This once was on my wedding cake! Sorta. There was a lego crane lifting it into place as a topper, while a lego chef and construction worker were on top with a tape measure, on the radio panicing that it wasn't going to fit.


4954 - Model Town House

A nice build, fits well with modular scale buildings, although the interior is empty.


7632 - Crawler Crane

The crane that I mentioned was involved with my wedding cake in the description of 5877 above!


3221 - LEGO Truck

I love this one - a simple but effective build, working suspension on the trailer, and look at all the little boxes of legos!


10243 - Parisian Restaurant

A small modular set.

10245 - Santa's Workshop

I love the reindeer in this one. It's part of a small winter village we set up each year.

71006 - The Simpson's House

This one is incredible. It opens up like a dollhouse with a fully detailed interior, and tons of micro builds for the furniture.


10246 - Detective's Office

I love this modular. There's a whole mystery with a cookie smuggling operation that you discover as you build it.

31038 - Changing Seasons

A cute little model that has alternate builds for summer, fall, and winter. Lots of fun to display and rebuild through the year.

60090 - Deep Sea Scuba Scooter

60093 - Deep Sea Helicopter

60099 - City Advent Calendar 2015

We've been building this every year since we got it - most of the parts are still there.


31051 - Lighthouse Point

Cute little lighthouse with an orca.

31052 - Vacation Getaways

An incredibly detailed camper, inside and out. All the furniture folds up and stows on the roof. It's going to look great in my campground.

31053 - Treehouse Adventures


31058 - Mighty Dinosaurs

31066 - Space Shuttle Explorer

31068 - Modular Modern Home


10260 - Downtown Diner

The diner is really fun. Fits well with the other modular buildings despite being a different overall style.

10263 - Winter Village Fire Station

Another one for my winter village!

31077 - Modular Sweet Surprises

31080 - Modular Winter Vacation

31084 - Pirate Roller Coaster

I should put this one back together again, but it takes up a lot of space.

60201 - City Advent Calendar 2018


10264 - Corner Garage

My favorite part of this one is the vet's office on the second floor. Lots of animals!

31097 - Townhouse Pet Shop & Café

This is a fantastic set - I love this scale of Creator building. They're almost as detailed as the modular sets, but scaled down and cheaper.

42093 - Chevorlet Corvette ZR1

Has steering and a tiny working V8.

60235 - City Advent Calendar 2019


40410 - Charles Dickens Tribute

71374 - Nintendo Entertainment System

The screen scrolls when you turn a crank! The cartridge loading mechanism works! It's amazing!


31116 - Safari Wildlife Tree House

40477 - Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey & Louie

40463 - Easter Bunny

42125 - Ferrari 488 GTE "AF Corse #51"

60283 - Holiday Camper Van

60304 - Road Plates

76390 - Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021

5006911 - Vintage Camera


30581 - Tropical Parrot

31131 - Downtown Noodle Shop

40523 - Easter Rabbits Display

42136 - John Deere 9620R 4WD Tractor