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This section features all my artwork I ever done and uploaded to the internet, but now with the ability to view them on old browsers! (Higher-resolution images are placed as text links to prevent slow connections.)

Pixel art

Digital Drawings

Sunset City
A drawing of a city, featuring various characters on their free time. (57K)
Low Battery
What happens more often after using the same battery for many years. (7K)
A goat who is a racer posing with his car. I don't know what to call her lol (8K)
A deer and a cat waiting on a bus stop waiting for who knows how much time. (41K)
Robot pals
Two Robots inspired by the design of 90s/early 2000s computers. (63K)
It's DigiKitty_x86, the webmaster of Transistor Cafe! (30K)
VoltBun's Reference Sheet
A reference sheet of my sona with expressions, objects, etc. (46K)

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