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Hi all, welcome to my little website that has been kindly hosted on Transistor Cafe! My name is Xenia, I am a mid 40-year-old living on the 'Net. I am really passionate about open-source and free software and I love working on my own little projects. Right now I am playing around with Java in making my own Minecraft clone (yes, I know Java isn't the best :P).

Please have a look 'round my website, I'm sure there will be somthing you'll enjoy >:D

~Contents of the website~

Artwork: People ahve made some Xenia art over the years, so feel free to have a look :0

Minecraft: One block at a time!


2023-09-16: Eternal September: The current WWW is horrible and you all know it.

2023-09-11: Winblows: Why Windows and Micrtosoft suck!


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