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Homepage of the Chartreuse Kitsune

Here you can find a dump of my projects, resources, and other miscellany that I have come up with over the years. This page exists as a companion to my main website which you can find linked on the sidebar to the left. You may find some duplication between the two though I try and keep the presentation styles a little different between the two, and this is not just a duplication of the content there.

Both this and my primary site are designed with the goal of compatibility in mind, reverting back to 20+ year old tricks to keep browsers both new and old able to experiance the site in much the same way. While not in vouge with CSS and better tags of HTML5, this page utilizes a classic table based layout. Something compatible with basically all browsers back to at least the mid 90s. And is designed in a way that falling back without them, such as in the text-based browser Lynx, will not obstruct the content too much.

A downside to such layouts is that mobile devices typically fall a bit by the wayside. However this does not need to be the case if combined with modern CSS and appropriate media tags. Or a bit of hackery like my main site uses to get the horizontal nav bar responsive on mobile while still utilizing tables for the site.

This page stands as a stark contrast to the modern web. A place to reflect on the type of website that has been lost. Gobbled up in the mass of Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, Tumblr, generic Wordpress themed pages with large images and little content. The Web 1.0, and early 2.0 eras, now fading into obscurity. Where unique layouts, customizabilty and personalization, and above all personal control still shone bright. Replaced with clean and sterile pages where you're lucky if you get a custom profile image to show off.

Anyhow, besides my rose tinted nostalgia of the early web. Please check out my project listed to the left. Or perhaps even the wee bit of hypocracy that is my twitter feed, where I do indulge in parts of that new web. No RSS feed here, but do check back in from time to time as I add more pages and projects here. I've got a large backlog to type up, and always more incoming!