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Monday 23rd October, 2022

Whoops this update was meant to come out a few days ago, but I kinda forgot to do this. I've been sort of tweaking this site a bit, it does need a major update at some point. Probably will end up adding other comics that you can read on 68000 Macs - I'll have to set up a cron job or something so I don't need to manually do updates. I have also found out something that's pretty interesting - this website works on MacWWW! I mean I guess it makes sense as it is only basic html? At least something still works on MacWWW, as a good chunk of old insecure websites don't work. I also like how all of my blog updates are just about this website.

Saturday 15th October, 2022

So I've spent a bit of time rebuilding this website, so that this version of the website will actually be loadable on vintage systems. Turns out it seems that the method I was using initially to write these pages wasn't completely compatible with vintage machines. Looks like TextEdit on modern Mac OS introduces a lot of fluff and spam to the html tags. So I've gave up, and I'm using PageSpinner 2.1 for System 7 on a Macintosh ii to write these pages. Feels a bit more authentic really! I'm hoping to actually update all of these, or at least most of these pages, from my Performa 200. I've also had to get around to sort of learning HTML. Or at least beating it into shape with my dreadful programming skills that were once described as "disgusting" by my former C++ lecturer at university. Still, I guess it works!

Thursday 13th October, 2022

Uhhhh not sure what to put here. So....? First Release. Not stored in Windchill.

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