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Hello and welcome to my small corner of the internet!

You might be wondering why this website looks a little bit... basic, and there is a good reason for that!

I've designed this website like this because I'm terrible at programming AND it gives me the opportunity to create a website that will look good on a 68000 Macintosh running System 7 and MacWeb*. It might even work with MacWWW!

I've also included some amazing multimedia like, uh, images that MacWeb will actually load, additional links to other websites that you can visit on a 68k Mac, as well as my unhinged ramblings - without the 480 character limit that is usually imposed on me. Lucky you!

About Me:

Hi! I'm DosFox. I'm a 20 something year old, Non Binney (He/They) Pansexual person born in 1998 who pretends to be a fox on the internet. (Try saying that ten times fast). I make screamy noises down modems at two Protogens who keep answering my calls.

I am also - for some insane reason - slightly addicted to retro computers. Specifically those of the Apple variety with 68K processors, despite being brought up on x86 Windows machines. In fact, my first computer was a Pentium iii beige box running Windows 2000.

My first none x86 computer (and my first apple machine) was a 2006 iMac G5 that I picked up for £12.50 in my second year of university. After experiencing Mac OS Tiger and the Classic Environment I was strangely hooked. From there Iıve ended up in a weird race to the bottom - buying progressively older and less powerful machines just to see what they can do.

I can normally be found on twitter as @DosFox1, as well as popping up in some other places on the internet. Apart from the other DosFox, Iım not them. Or dosfox either. There seems to be a few doppelgängers out there.

Other Sites:

Here are some sites that (hopefully!) can be accessed from a vintage computer:

http://transistorcafe.net - back to the Transistor Cafe

http://transistorcafe.net/~protofox_riley/ - Screechy Protogen

http://transistorcafe.net/~wiz/ - Another Screechy Protogen

http://www.frogfind.com/ - Web Browser for Vintage Computers. Lets you access the modern web!

http://68k.news/index.php - News Site for Vintage Computers

http://68k.news/index.php?section=nation&loc=UK - News if you are a tea drinker

http://www.google.com - Google somehow still works... sort of

http://members.iinet.net.au/~daveb/simplex/ringhome.html - A webring! Who remembers webrings?

http://motherfuckingwebsite.com - Bit sweary, but useful to test web browsers

http://web.archive.org - The Web Archive! I have no idea if this properly works.

http://retro.hackaday.com - random assortment of Hackaday articles.

http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/browsers.evolt.org/browsers/macweb/macweb.htm - instructions to get MacWeb to show images

*OK, turns out MacWeb doesnıt support inline images, but NCSA Mosaic does! Hopefully that works.

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This website was written on PageSpinner 2.1, on Macintosh ii running System 7.5.