Skye's Site

This site is very WIP, I still need to:

As such:

My bio

Hi! I'm Skye and welcome to my crappy little page :p
I'm a trans-fem sharkie who loves programming, usually in systems languages such as Rust, C++, C and some others

All in all, I know these programming languages to the extent that I can use them in projects:

  • Python

  • C++

  • C

  • OpenCL

  • CUDA

  • HIP

  • Rust

  • Kotlin

  • Java

  • C#

Other than programming, I'm also majorly into retro-tech, specifically old HPC/Computer Graphics systems, for example Silicon Graphics machines, and "old" Consoles, for example the PS3, OG Xbox, Wii etc. This also extends to writing code for them, with one of my dreams being to own and write code for an SGI Machine of some kind

Sports-wise, I love Mountain Biking and also really like Unihoc and Basketball, even though I'm a bit shit at them

My sona

Picture of my fursona (black, gray and blue female shark)

My fursona is a very tall (canonically 69 metres*) black and blue female shark, she doesn't have any real lore (other than jokes) or anything.
Whilst she is a fairly athletic and sporty shark, she also enjoys indoor activities, such as Lego (mostly Lego Technic), gaming on her PC or PS3 and programming.

*this was due to a joke between me and a friend