KABX's KSP Luna Multiplayer Server

Build. Launch. Collaborate.

To get started, click the buttons below to download the modpack and dependencies (1.5GB):

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Heat Control mod Far Future Technologies Kcalbeloh System
Planetside Exploration Technologies Transfer Window Planner

Server Details

Name: KerbalABX's Luna Multiplayer

Hosting location: New Mexico

Password: Ask KerbalABX


  1. Download the zip above.
  2. Extract all the files and folders from the zip into your KSP GameData folder. I highly suggest using WinRar for your unzipping and archiving needs.
  3. Delete the StockWaterfallEffects folder from your GameData folder.
  4. Launch your game and join the server from the browser.
  5. When you join the server, you will see some click through blocker popups appear. Click Focus follows mouse and apply globally. You will also see a toolbar popup. Click Hide forever/Don't show this window again.
  6. You're good to go!

Member Page Ideas

From the ChatGPT AI

Members could include:

  • Gameplay history: Members could provide information about their gameplay history, such as the length of time they have been playing, their overall progress in the game, and any notable achievements or milestones they have reached.
  • Preferred gameplay style: Members could include information about their preferred gameplay style, such as the types of missions they enjoy, or the mods they use.
  • Tips and tricks: Members could share any tips and tricks they have learned while playing the game, which could be helpful for other members looking to improve their gameplay experience.
  • Favorite spacecraft: Members could list their favorite spacecraft or other in-game items, and provide some details about why they enjoy using them.
  • Blog or journal: Members could create a blog or journal on their page where they can share their thoughts and experiences with the game, as well as any interesting findings or discoveries they have made.
  • Server events: Members could use their page to promote any events or activities they are organizing for the server, such as tournaments or community building events.
Build. Launch. Collaborate.