The Protofox Den - About Me



Hello! I'm Riley


I'm a 24 Year old Graphic Designer and Hobbyist musician.

My main art-style is 3D modelling and branding, I do however (being the furry trash that I am) occasionally draw fursonas and avatars. The tools I use to make my art are: Blender (for 3D Modelling and Rendering), Procreate (For furry art and illustrations), Affinity Photo (for post processing and manipulation), and sometimes Paint.NET which I use for pixel art.

I post a majority of my artwork on Twitter and to my FurAffinity page, I am planning at some stage to host a more professional site for those outlets as I want this page to be as accessible as possible for people with more vintage machines.

I may make some retro-pc friendly GIFs for this page so you can get a feel for my animated artworks.


Here's an example render I did in Blender recently 1024 Cycles @ 4K with Denoising