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Wednesday, October 5th 2022


    Today has been mostly a personal day, I've been focusing on writing some new demos and testing new sound design techniques. And I have begun the process of redoing my storage system. My new racking unit has arrived and I have installed it, not gonna lie, I don't know why I didn't invest in one of these years ago.


Tuesday, October 4th 2022

And So The Ball Rolls On

    Progress on this website has really picked up speed in the last 24 hours, I have implemented actually working scrolling (thanks to endless Google-ing and then realising I suck at CSS), added correct hyperlinks to the navigation bar for pages added, oh and created the Socials page so you can find me on other dwellings on teh interwebs.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I have become proficient at HTML and CSS, but I would say that I remember more than I thought I did, which is nice. Who knows, maybe some day I'll make a more polished site, one with JavaScript and HTML5 content for those with more modern machines, maybe not though.

I'd like to thank DosFox (@DosFox1 on Twitter) for testing the site on their Macintosh SE for me and giving me the thumbs up! Always nice to see a project actually work first time without endless fiddling and poking. At some point this week (provided I have the time) I would like to dig out my favourite Macintosh, the Centris 660AV, and see if that can render the page properly with images intact, as that was a limitation of the way I designed this page and with the browser available for the Mac SE.

P.S. The reason that the scrolling didn't work was because I never set the "overflow" tag to "shown"

Until next time, Live Long and Stink On!


Monday, October 3rd 2022

Humble Beginnings

    Today I have begun work on my contribution to the Transistor Café website by producing my own site for it. Things have been a lil difficult so far considering that I've not done any web design or HTML/CSS coding in almost 15 years (yikes)

My setup is rather practical despite the task at hand

I'm using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 for designing and coding the site and Mozilla's FileZilla FTP program for firing my completed pages to the site's FTP server.

My goal with this site is to have a traditional website that allows me to show off my projects without the constant overbearing nature of social media sites. I want to be able to write in detail about projects without posting 50+ Tweets about it.

Now you may think that I'm a competent coder and web designer but I assure you I'm not, half the time I have some form of HTML basics page open just so I can get a function implemented haha!

Either way I'm having fun!