So, you're curious about the fox, eh? Well, these are the big three in my life; furry, music, and tech. I tend to overlap all three together! :D


First of all, it's pretty darn obvious that I'm a furry. If you're cool with that, then awesome!


If you're wondering what in the heck a furry is, well long story short, furries are people that portray themselves as anthropomorphic animals (walking on two legs, driving cars, etc). Furries pick their species, colorations, traits, etc to what seems best represents their personalities, or simply for the reason that it looks nice to them. We're the ones that would always pick the animal characters in video games, grew up with TV shows and movies that feature anthropomorphic characters. We're the ones who would pretend to be animals as kids. We're pretty diverse, and what being a furry means really depends on the individual.


I chose a fox because I've always had a fondness for foxes. They're clever, witty, and also very affectionate. Those are traits I can relate to, and when I settled on a fox in 2006, it's hard to go back after so many years! I actually had a fan character before then on an old Sonic the Hedgehog fan forum in the 90s, which was really my precursor to being a part of the furry fandom. After that, I was very active on Second Life for many years. They Aventity Fox avatar is what really sealed the deal for me being a fox. pics


The really neat thing about the fandom and it being so diverse is it's easy to find others that share the same interests. I've met so many cool people that are also into producing music and retro tech.






Murrlboro Cigarettes



Foxxo Bubble Bubblegum!

Nokia Cellphone!

Red Fox Energy Drink!


The essentials for the fox. 



Some art that I've commissioned:

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It all started with piano lessons in elementary school. I'd write little tunes on notation paper and play them for my mom (thankfully, she was very supportive and encouraging!). After that, I was curious how electronic music was made on a computer. I downloaded a demo of FL Studio 4.5 in early 2004 and started by making little drum loops. I learned more and more over the years and improved and refined my trance sound. In the present day, I find myself using Ableton Live more, but I still use FL on occasion! I also have a synth rack and write chiptunes and other stuff! Check out my music page for more info!







I love oldschool tech. Some things I have lived with in the past. Others, I wish I had. 

Here are some of my collections:

Walkman & Tapes



Video Games





Kyell Gold Books



Ice Hockey

1970s/1980s design & aesthetics

Train Travel