DJ Stuff

I spent my first paycheck at my first job on a Hercules DJ Console MK1. Looking back it it these days, it looks like "Baby's First DJ Controller," but I absolutely loved it and used the heck out of it.

In 2008 for my high school senior project, I threw a rave in the commons, and the entry charge & donations went to a local building restoration project.


Here's a video

It wasn't long after that where I was invited to DJ for or a local youth group's new years party to bring in 2009!

Here's a video


I did many weekly online sets through the 2010s, but nowadays, I just mix for fun. :)

I currently own a Pioneer DDJ-S1, though my goal is to obtain a turntable setup to mix vinyl. In the meantime, I have a nearby friend with a rad vinyl setup to practice on.

Here's a video of me mixing vinyl

Here's a video of me doing a 30 minute psytrance mix