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Who am I? Sominemo, Somic, or Sergey.

A Software Developer:

I'm a Webmaster from Ukraine. I work in financial technology industry (fintech) in a Ukrainian post Dot-com company.

Specialize in HTML Applications (HTA) or, as browsers in 2020's will be calling them, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and Single Page Applications (SPA).

Though, I'm generally a Full-stack developer, primarily using PHP for back-end, but having experience with server-side JScript interpretators that don't exist yet.

Also I work with Dart & Flutter: technologies that aim to transfer Web-style development onto all sorts of systems, from computers to PDAs, while making everything work snappier.

Happen to know some ANSI C, a bit of C++, and Python, but I don't use these in real life.

Used to participate in competitive programming in Turbo Pascal, tried a bit of Delphi.

Too proficient in Microsoft Office. I'm the person who can explain you why in the world would you use Access (it's pretty darn cool). Used to participate in Microsoft Office competitions.

I primarily use free public Git hosting service owned by Microsoft called GitHub for my open-source projects.

A Telegram nerd: I'm an editor at @tginfo, a social media about Telegram. Originally it's two channels in Russian: @tginfo and @betainfo, but in recent years we've also started expanding to other languages. Besides writing in Russian, I curate English, Ukrainian translation teams, and the volunteer community in general. I also do software development for some projects over there. You can check out the original Russian channel, the English mirror, and GitHub Org.

Who am I? Sominemo, Somic, or Sergey.

A furry:

I draw and design as my hobby. Design-wise, I primarily do UI design and logos for my own projects, and rarely do some concepts for non-existing apps.

I speak 3 languages: I'm native in Ukrainian and Russian, and intermediate in English.

I like cartoony anthropomorphic animals and TF. My sona is generally a green cat, though it often shapeshifts into other species. You could've seen me as a certain blue rabbit elsewhere.

My most favorite drawings are hosted on Instagram.
Other drawings are also posted over Telegram channel, Mastodon, Twitter.
If you want a drawing from me, read this:

I'm PM friendly on Telegram and Mastodon. I'm Sominemo#0001 on Discord.

Did you know: 'WWW.' is called a 'subdomain' by webmasters.

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