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Want to talk? Have something you want to sell me? Or want to join a community of others centered around weird stuff like this? Well do I have good news for you, because there's many other places that I lurk, and many things I've made for your enjoyment!

Please note that all of these links require to be run on a modern computer. While this site is compatible with the lil ol' guys, none of the pages linked here are :(


redbubbleRedbubble! Redbubble is a platform for ordering custom designs on things like T-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and so much more! I do designs for my page on the site from time to time for myself and others to purchase. I've ordered a few myself, and I can attest to the quality. They're not premium quality, but they also don't have a premium price. Any item ordered gives me a small cut of the sale price as well, so anything you buy is supporting me!

youtubeYoutube! Youtube! While the page is no longer active, there exists 3 videos there covering 3 of the computers in the archives. These videos were intended to be overviews of the machine, any interesting hardware, and a demo of what was possible on the machine. I may revisit this at some point in the future, but as of 8/21/22, the page remains dormant. Regardless, I recommend checking out the videos that are there for some interesting perspectives of interesting computers.

thingiverseThingiverse! Thingiverse is a very useful tool for me to have at my disposal when talking about the hobby. It allows me to download and print parts for these old machines that may be broken or missing. I also 3d model my own parts and upload them there for anyone to download and use for their computer. It can be a real-life saver for some of the pieces, and a lot of the restorations I've done simply wouldn't be possible without it.

twitterTwitter! Twitter is by far the place where I am the most active. I make daily posts about projects I am working on, issues I might be having with said projects, as well as general behind-the-scenes looks at what I do on a daily basis to bring all of you the highest quality content possible across these various platforms. Twitter is also one of the best places to contact me if you need!

discordDiscord! Want to join the community? We have a Discord server full of pc stuff, software, hardware, and more! If it's old tech, we talk it! It's also a nice place to just talk to people and chill out. We've got some AWESOME people in there too for troubleshooting, sharing, or teaching information to newcomers! If you want to be a part of the community, click here to join!

emailI can also be reached via e-mail at wysiwygprotogen@gmail.com in case neither Discord or Twitter are viable options

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