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I have a mighty need.

There are many machines within the archives, and as a result of having too much time on my hands, poor financial decision-making skills, and too much disposable income, there exists a plethora of items I am willing to pay fair prices for, be it parts, expansions, or complete systems.


Items are (attempted to be) organized by type. I will also attempt to keep it alphabetical, but I cannot make any promises as the site continues to develop and things are added and removed. Some of these items are also unobtanium, but I'm putting them here anyways because it's my site my rules dangit!
Items in red are items I am REALLY after

    PC Stuff

  • 3dfx Voodoo 2 2000 (any memory size)
  • Asus C-P6ND Pentium Pro CPU card for Asus P65UP8
  • Asus P65UP8 motherboard
  • SoundBlaster ISA cards (2, 16, pro, anything)
  • IBM 5153/4 CGA/EGA monitor
  • IBM 5170 AT
  • IBM 8516 TouchScreen CRT Monitor
  • IBM 8515/13 CRT monitors
  • IBM T4 CPU complex card for IBM PS/2 Model 9595. I REALLY want to get one of these
  • MFM Hard Drives of any capacity, form factor, or year
  • SCSI CDROM Drives
  • SCSI ISA controllers
  • Amiga Stuff

  • Amiga 2000 power supply. Functional status irrelevant. I need the case for a project
  • Any complete systems of any era(duh)
  • Commodore 1930 (or any other non-108x derived Amiga monitor)
  • DKB MegaChip
  • VillageTronic Domino RTG Video Card
  • Mac Stuff

  • Any CPU accelerators (nubus/PDS)
  • Any interesting NuBUS cards
  • Misc Stuff

  • Any halfway decent cassette deck (please be working. I have the DIY spirit but not for tape decks)
  • Automotive-style CB radio (late 70s/early 80s Cobra style if possible)
  • Commodore TimeMaster LED watch (brass or silver don't care)
  • Home CB radio station (guess what that's for)

If you have any of these items, please reach out to me using the resources found in my contact page <3


The archives are gratiously hosted by the Please go check them out!

Page Last Updated: 8/15/2022
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