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In a world of websites owned by corporations designed to push advertisements and collect your data, our webspace serves as an ode to the early internet, following strictly to Web 1.0 standards, pages can be accessed through all types of devices favouring compatibility for older browsers and devices

Straying away from the lifeless styling that dominates the modern web, members are encouraged to embrace the characteristics that defined the early 2000s web; 88x31 buttons, bright colorful text, tiled backgrounds and excessive use of GIFs are all common place here

Our enthusiasm towards providing a user-focused space has made the cafe a perfect hub for creators and enthusiasts to share their creations and work to world!

We welcome anyone interested in what we do to stop by our Discord server, details can be found there on how to get your own account, whilst this breaks the Web 1.0 spirit it works as a screening process and prevents the traditional onslaught of spam that’d come from an open registration system

Aside from being a place to discuss the webspace, our Discord is also a community where people of all walks of life come to share their love for technology, art and media

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Inclusivity is important to us as both the webspace and Discord sides of the Transistor Cafe are ran by LGBT+ people, ignorance and bigotry are not welcome here, if your views don’t align with ours don’t bother joining

In line with our legacy theme we also host a classic Minecraft 1.5.2 server, a free reign survival map for anyone wanting to reminisce on the early days of the game, anyone is free to join through our main domain as the IP!

(as a measure to prevent griefing you have to go through a registration system before playing)

Donations cup! Want to support our reprieve from the modern web and help us keep the site running, chip in by sending a donation and helping with our monthly costs! donators get a special mention: akselmo, qxtal, eatyoursheep, kabx, wiz, smokefox, lunathir

To send a donation ask in the server!

Another way to support us is through linking back to our site on your own page, word of mouth spreads our message around and gets more people interested in what we do, use the provided button below to share our site!

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Webmistress: Kitty (digikitty_x86) - it/she

If you have any questions about the webspace or the content hosted here, you can contact me through the Discord server or directly using email

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